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Synchronisation in ACT 2009 only working one way

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Synchronisation in ACT 2009 only working one way



We are using ACT Premium 2009 (v11.0.0.367), the setup is there's a Shared (Live) database on a Windows 2003 Server and a Remote database on a Windows 7 laptop.

2 users on the network always work on the Shared (Live) database from their workstations.
1 laptop user also on the network and when out of the office works on a locally stored Remote database.

The laptop user then syncs to the Shared database every 2-4 weeks and this has been working fine for many months.


For some unknown reason over the last 2-3 months when the user tries to sync it appears to be successful but changes only go one way. Changes from the Shared DB are written to his Remote DB, but changes on his Remote DB are not being sent to the Shared DB. 


The Network Sync service is installed and started, have even stopped this and used the Accept Incoming Syncs in ACT on the Server. Have tried a different port too.

Have tried all the various checks, rebuilds, repairs built into both ACT and ACTDIAG on both Shared & Remote DBs.


When syncing on the laptop the screen shows: Your database is updated through 27/4/2015 and never updates the date.

The status shows ticks against all the steps during the sync. and this is the most recent sync log entry;


======== SYNC SESSION - 24/07/2015 12:02:37 ========

[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:37 ]Message: Sync remote client created.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:38 ]Message: Checking if schema changes are available for sync.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:41 ]Message: Client establishing synchronisation with server database: VMS_PROSPECTS
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:43 ]Message: Initial Handshake completed.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:43 ]Message: Checking if data changes are available for sync.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:44 ]Message: Client initialized database send session: 82
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:44 ]Message: Client initialized.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:44 ]Message: Client schema synchronised.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:54 ]Message: Server initialized.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:55 ]Message: Server schema synchronised.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:56 ]Message: Files synchronised.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:56 ]Message: Content synchronised.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:02:59 ]Message: Exceptions synchronised.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:03:00 ]Message: Synchronisation completion done.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:03:02 ]Message: Synchronisation has completed.
[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:03:02 ]Message: Items sent:
Total Records Synchronised - 0
Files - Attempted 3, Completed 3
Exceptions Occurred - 14

[ Info | 24/07/2015 12:03:02 ]Message: Items received:
Security - Updated 1
Sync - Updated 1
Total Records Synchronized - 2
Files - Attempted 0, Completed 0
Exceptions Occurred - 0

I'm at a loss as to what to try next, I'm not a user of ACT myself and did think about exporting the Remote DB to a new DB but then there are new fields in the Remote DB that don't exist in a standard new DB and wasn't sure what to do with them, so a little out of my depth.


I'd like to get the sync working as this was working quite happily and then all of a sudden decides to stop syncing from Shared to Remote.


Any help would be appreciated.






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Re: Synchronisation in ACT 2009 only working one way

Hello VMS,


You will need to create a new remote and import the changes into the new remote and sync.  This should correct the issue.  The steps are listed below on what to do.


Importing To a New Remote Database:
A new Remote (Subscriber) database must be created from the Publisher database and then transferred to the remote location. Click the link below for information on creating a Remote database for synchronization:

Title: How to Create a Remote Database
Answer ID: 14116

Once the Remote database is restored in the remote location, refer to the following Knowledge Base Answer for information on importing the data from your original Remote database, into the new Remote database:

Title: How to Import Contact Data From an Existing ACT! Database into Another ACT! Database
Answer ID: 22042

Note: When importing into a remote database, you cannot change the Duplicate Checking preferences from the remote. The remote database uses the settings from main (publisher) database. If you need to change the duplicate checking settings prior to importing, then you will need to change them in the main database, synchronize the remote you will be importing into to get the changes, then do the import.



Kind Regards,


Brittany Roberts

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Brittany Roberts
Act! Digital Specialist
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Re: Synchronisation in ACT 2009 only working one way

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Hi Brittany,


Thank you for the reply.


The laptop user is taking his machine away for 2 weeks now so will try this when he returns.

I'll try your new remote DB suggestion and hopefully that solves the problem.


Will update in a few weeks.