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Sync two computers with the same database

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Sync two computers with the same database

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I am currently using act premium 09 at home on a windows vista system. I have a second computer at the office (windows xp) which I would like to install act premium 09 and be able to sync with the one at home. One person will be working at the office and myself at home. We will be working on the same database and i would like to have both computers sync with current information. I need the information to be sync instantly, so we can both have it available to use it in both computers. Is this possible? If so, how can I do that? What will be the best way to keep both computers up to date (right after information is input)?






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Re: Sync two computers with the same database

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In order for the two machines to get the data as it is saved, then the two machines would have to be networked together and using a shared database.


If this is not the case, then you would have to set up a remote database that synchronizes to the main database.  Any changes made on one database would not show up on the other until a synchronization is done from the remote database.  On the remote, you can use the ACT! Scheduler to automatically sync at a given interval (the minimum is 1 hour) so the remote user does not have to do it manually.  Your sync options would be to either use the Network Sync Service through a VPN or directly through the Internet, or use the Internet Sync Service.  Please see the following Knowledgebase articles for more information:


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How to Automatically Synchronize Your ACT! Database


How To Install And Configure Internet Sync Service For ACT! By Sage Premium 2009 (11.0)


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