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Sync sets - Omitting users?

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Sync sets - Omitting users?

I'm running ACT! Premium 2008 with around 12 users, some on laptops and using remote databases.


For the first time, I've had reason to try and create a reduced-size remote database for a new salesman in a particular territory.  For various reasons I need to restrict the amount of information he can see.  So I created a sync set comprising the contacts in his territory, deliberately excluding (I thought) all the other users (salesmen) in the database from the sync set.  The reason for this is that those user records in ACT!, due to those users being copied on various emails, contain history information associated with other contacts that I would have wanted to exclude from the visibility of this new salesman.


I was surprised to find, on extracting the new remote database for the new salesman, that ALL the user records were included in his  database.  On enquiry to our UK ACT support I was told "that was the way ACT worked".  So, is that right?  Or is there any clever work-around, short of sanitising every history item on all the users' contact records?


I guess I'm not the first to have experienced this, so I hope someone can help....



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Re: Sync sets - Omitting users?

Sorry, but you cannnot exclude a USER in ACT.

This does not simply apply to sync sets, you cannot exclude them through Limited Access or make them Private either.

If you check the Contact Access tab in ACT! for a User's record, you'll notice all the options are greyed out.


You may wish to teach your sales team to make their sensitive emails in ACT private.




Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
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Re: Sync sets - Omitting users?

I've actually created a plugin for another user than makes all History/Notes/Email/Activities/SalesOps for any user's record "Private"...for exactly this issue.


So, only that user will be able to seeitems connected to their My Record. It doesn't mark as private if the item has additional contacts linked to it.


Let me know if that would be of interest?