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Sync remote db - internet sync - iis config.

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Sync remote db - internet sync - iis config.

First , hi there its my first post here so Hello everyone Smiley Happy


I have ACT 10.0.3 Workgroup and one db on server which name is xxx. i create rdb and move it to notebook. 

than when i synchronize it through LAN its ok . But now i try to synchronize it by Internet . and have : cannot connect with serwer problem. I do as kdb says :


Title: How To Use the ACT! Network Sync Service Across the Internet
Answer ID: 17536

But stil nothing. I presume that problem is i do not know about iis services. i intstaled it, instal act internet sync serwices . and i do not know what should i do here :

what url i should write ? just  myIP//ActInternetSync ? (i try it but dont work) ., How can i create such a Site and configure it ?


 When i go to Mycomputer>>manage>>iis>>www>> Default Web Site     it is state as running but maybe i should change some settings ?


THANKS FOR HELP and sorry for my English  Smiley Happy 





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Re: Sync remote db - internet sync - iis config.

Setting up Interenet sync can be very complicated.  I suggest you get help from an ACT ACC or scrap the sync and setp either GoToMYPC or LogmeIn on your primary computer.


Many years ago ACT! developed a tool within ACT! (synchronization) that allowed you to keep two computers updated with your ACT! data; for example your office desktop and a notebook computer you might travel with.  Those tools within ACT! worked well, but not perfectly.


Today, because of our ability to connect to the internet in so many places, I question the need to sync at all.

If you use a tool such as GoToMyPC or LogMeIn, you have the ability to access your office computer and ACT! from any computer in the world that has internet access. In addition, you have access to all your other programs as well.


In a nutshell, your laptop computer becomes nothing more than a conduit to your primary computer and if it’s lost, stolen or destroyed you have lost nothing more than a machine. All of your valuable data will be safe on your desktop computer.

In my opinion, from a cost and technical point of view, this should be the first option most ACT! users explore.

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Re: Sync remote db - internet sync - iis config.

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Running network sync across the internet doesn't use IIS.  You will need to setup port forwarding on the router. Also on the remote database, they will need to use the external IP address of the server within Sync Panel - Manage Connection Info.  You can find the IP by going to this website on the server -


Example:  If network sync is setup using 65100, then on the router you will need to forward 65100 to the server.


Here's a website that will walk you through the process -

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Re: Sync remote db - internet sync - iis config.

1) There is no chance to use any kind of remote connection to serwer and using act on it couse notebook travel through area there is no connection .


2) Server is W2003 that is directly connect to internet and has external IP so how can i sync remote database with central ? should i change any options in windows 2003 ? 

or just write external adress in IP adress and some port  in remote database and set the same in central database ?