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Sync'ing Multiple Databases

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Sync'ing Multiple Databases



I am new to ACT premium so bare with me.


Is it possible to sync multiple remote databases? I have several users that I want to share databases with, some one database, some more than one.


Is this possible?




Tim Morrison

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Re: Sync'ing Multiple Databases

You should be able to create one RDB per master database on the server per user.  For example, my server has three master databases, all with remote users.  Users in each database are unique from the others except for one user that has access to all three.  I created RDB's for each master database for this user.  I unpacked all three RBD's on her laptop.  She opens local database #1 and syncs.  When necessary, she opens database #2 and syncs.  And occassionally she will open database #3 and sync.  I hope this is the scenario you are working with. 


If you are trying to create multiple RDB's from one master database onto one computer, you will likely run into problems since ACT keeps track of the synchronization process through the computer name and master database name.  You will find that your initial deployment of a RDB will work, but the subsequent deployment of the second RDB will fail to install when it recognizes that an existing database already exists.  Setting up something like this wouldn't make a whole lot of sense anyway.