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Sync hangs....

Tuned Listener
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Sync hangs....

Hi.  I'm using ACT! Premium for Workgroups 2007, version 9. (Version, Hotfix 1).   I've got three RDBs syncing (or trying to sync) with the main database.  Every computer has the same, most up-to-date version of ACT!.  The sync process for two of these RDBs has not been successful in well over a month.  It gets to a point and then just hangs.  I don't know what other issues there might be for this, given that all DBs are the same version (I've seen that as a potential issue, but it's not for me).


If I move the Attachments folder temporarily (it is rather large), and then try have the two guys try to sync, can I then copy the Attachments folder and simply move it onto their laptops so that they still have the attachments?  We really need more than just the contact info for our contacts, so syncing without attachments is not ideal.


Any thoughts anyone?!  Please and thank you.