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Sync Set Criteria Limitations?

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Sync Set Criteria Limitations?

Is there a limitation on how many lines of criterias a sync set can have?  For example, if i want to set up a sync set containing 500 different zip codes, is that doable? 


So, the list of criteria would be like this:


Zip - Equal To - 00012 - or

Zip - Equal To - 00068 - or

Zip - Equal To - 98756  and so on...

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Re: Sync Set Criteria Limitations?

Yes there is, however I cannot recall what that number of lines is.  I seem to recall around 30-40 lines...


What version of ACT! are you running?  In 10.02 (if I recall correctly) there were additional query Operators added including "Greater Than" and "Less Than".  If possible, see if you can perform "range" queries like:


Zip Code "Greater Than"  85000    AND

Zip Code "Less Than" 86000


Something like this would get you all Zip Codes between 85001 and 85999. 

Bill Blakey
ACT! Development Team
Sage Software