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Sync Copy - Can't log in with targeted user ID

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Sync Copy - Can't log in with targeted user ID

We run ACT 2011 Premium on Win XP.  I have created rdb files in the past and successfully installed them on various user PCs.  The most recent one will only allow me to log in with my ID on the target user PC.  (I must be doing somehting differently but I can't figure out what.) The login on the PC matches the user ID in ACT, if that matters.  The synch set used is All Users.  I made the user of the subscriber PC an Admin with no success.  How can I get the subscriber database to allow the target user to log in? 

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Re: Sync Copy - Can't log in with targeted user ID

To my knowledge, the only way you can NOT let a user login (other than entering the wrong username/password combination) is done through the RDB creation at the stage where you select users of the database.


So for the objious, check username and password.  TO make it simple, blank out his password and make hte username very obvious.

make another RDB and make sure you don't limit who can login to the database.

if you must limit who log into the database, make sure you don't have similar looking or sounding Usernames (just in case you have selected the wrong one.

Any chance you are opening the wrong database when you restore? double check this



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