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Swap/Replace field Glitch

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Swap/Replace field Glitch

I'm having trouble with my "Swap" and "Replace" field tools in Act!. I have ACT! by Sage Premium 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 1.


Lets say i have a look-up of 100 records. And i want to replace/swap a field in it. Lets say i want to replace the "First Name" field so everybody's first name is Ian.


I go to edit,replace field...

I choose the First Name field

and Type "Ian" into the "replace with" box.


I hit enter and it performs the field replace.


When its done replacing the fields, I'll be looking through the lookup and relize that some of the information (specifically my "Company" field) has been switched around that IS NOT my "First Name" field. It takes one of my 100 records, and pastes that company name into multiple other records.


Like, lets say i have 100 records, but only one has a company name of "Ace Hardware". I do the replace fields, and now suddenly i have 15 "Ace Hardware"s. But ONLY the company name has changed along with whatever field i replaced. So ill look at a record, and the company name will be "Ace Hardware" but all the other fields and all my notes are still unchanged. Am i making sense?


Is this a known problem? Anyone know a way to fix this? or a work around?




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Re: Swap/Replace field Glitch

Yikes... I remember seeing this problem back in earlier version but not in ACT! 2009.  Is this something you can reproduce every time?  I just tried this on 2 databases and did not get the same result.
Mark Hammer
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Re: Swap/Replace field Glitch

You know, i Dont know if it Happens EVERY time. Before i realized there was an issue, i was doing it to thoasands of records at a time and i guess i didnt notice it was messing up data.


When i did finally notice my data was getting messed up, and traced it back to the "relace/swap fields, I did it a few times just to be sure. I'd say that it screws up data around 80% of the time... or at least i find messed up data 80% of the time. Its hard to tell because i have multiple duplicates in my data anyway (like if multiple people in my database work for the same company) so when the Company name is changed sometimes i dont find it until months/weeks later.


But yes, this has been duplicated multile times, and i HAVE traced it back to replace/swap everytime.


For now, I told my staff to stop using these tools until i can figure out how to fix it. Its etra annoying becusae we have used it in the past pretty often.