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Supplemental Files error

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Supplemental Files error

I have a 10 user ACT Premium 2010 system. One user gets the ubiquitous Supplemental Files error message. I've tried all of the usual stuff in the KB.


If I use actdiag to change the datastore location from machine name to IP address it works for him, but then it breaks for another user who needs the datastore location to be the machien name. Everybody is else fine either way.


I didn't set the network up so you are more than welcome to call that baby ugly. What's going on? Can I make all users happy? 

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Re: Supplemental Files error

Change it back to the host name, then do the following.

On the computer were it works for the IP there is a DNS issue
Edit the following file: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts in notepad.
Add the line to the bottom replacing SERVER with your SERVER name and IP with your IP Address


Either reboot or go to a command prompt and type NBTStat -R
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