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Super quick install question.

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Super quick install question.

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Hi everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my post.


Our company currently has Act Premium 2013 installed on a 32-bit Windows 2008 RTM machine, and we access 2 databases using the windows desktop client installed on a windows 2008R2 64-bit machine hosting a terminal services environment.  Although likely irrelevant, for completeness, Top-line Dash has also been added to the terminal server recently by myself as requested by top brass on behalf of one of the salespeople.  Dash had to be hacked somewhat so that it only was available to the one salesperson who requested it, but not available to others since we only purchased one license and to keep it from prompting others to enter a key.  The hack was provided to me by Top-Line support.  Essentially the plugins are restricted by file security permissions to just that user.  Like I said, probably irrelevant, but I'm just including all of this.


Top brass has now determined that the sales folks should have instant access to the database info, TS being too "clunky" for the salespeoples'  "dynamic" needs.


As a result, I have now been instructed to add the web/mobile component of premium so that our salespeople can look at these items in their tablets, phones, pocketwatches and whatever else is on the cutting edge of fashionable whoosywhatsits that salespeople like to buy when they're trying to do as little work as possible..


If I read the web admin's guide correctly, it states I cannot install the web component on the same machine that the database currently resides on, since it has the Desktop version of the software installed.  Is that really true?


I'd rather not have to set up another server just to host the web component, but if that is the case I guess I'll have to.


I have sort of inherited this Act server. It was previously under support contract though one of our vendors, but to save money our company has left maintenance now to me, so although I don't mind maintaining it, I have very little experience with Act since that part was under contract.  I'm slowly getting up to speed, but having no experience with the individual compoonents of act, any info that can help me with this would be appreciated.



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Re: Super quick install question.

You would have to uninstall the windows version on the server, reboot, and then install the web version.

The windows users will still access the way they do today with their windows clients.

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
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