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Suggestions for QuoteWerks type add-on with 2011 Premium for Web

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Suggestions for QuoteWerks type add-on with 2011 Premium for Web

I am trying to find a solution to simplify creating opportunities from out salesmen. We have ACT! 2011 Premium for Web, I have spoken with customer service at QuoteWerks and was informed that they do not support 2011 yet. We are a roofing company, prior to ACT we used an Excel spreadsheet that had boxes for all of our items, shingles, felt, labor, etc. I've recreated all of those items as products within ACT but am meeting resistance because of having to keep clicking another line item, go back to the list, select next item, etc. That may be overcome with training but the other issue that I feel we need an add-on for is that currently I have to calculate the item cost, add tax for the products, and add overhead and profit manually as the item is added to the product list (or when prices change). I'd like to find an add-on that will replicate an order entry page (similar to Excel) instead of adding line after line of products and labor, and also be able to mark the products as taxable when required and add our O&P to the subtotal automatically. The main reason for automatically adding O&P is since we deal with products that change prices often, the salesman may need to edit the quote in the field to reflect the lower or higher price. Instead of having to depend on them to remember to also change the total for the item, not just the cost, it needs to do that automatically. Since we do not collect tax for labor the products and labor need to be entered as taxable/non-taxable as in QuickBooks. Being able to export these opportunities to QuickBooks would be a huge benefit as well.


Any suggestions?

Thank you



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Re: Suggestions for QuoteWerks type add-on with 2011 Premium for Web

Hi Craig,


There's nothing that I am aware of that meets your requirements. Did QuoteWerks give you any indication of when they might introduce the integration? They are usually pretty good at keeping integrations up-to-date with the latest version; maybe it's worth waiting?


If not, then get in touch - we're experienced with QuoteWerks and ACT! development - perhaps we can add some value to your existing Excel spreadsheet or write a bespoke application to deliver the functionality that your business needs. See and for more information on us and the services that we offer in terms of QuoteWerks, ACT! and software development services.


Regards, Steve.

Stephen Siggs
Hilltops IT & ConnectIt Software

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