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Sub-database (Excel) for my ACT??

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Sub-database (Excel) for my ACT??

I have a  custom ACT database with about 1000 of my customers and their vehicles.

Each customer may have 1 to 4 vehicles.

Each vehicle may have up to 4 operators

Each operator may be on multiple vehicles for multiple customers.


I don't have a good way to globally track, update maintain operator statistics and qualifications.

Any suggestions?


I thought about an ADD-ON Tab with an Excel DB.

Then I could somehow pull that current individual operator data to multiple customers and vehicles.

But just have the operator updates in one place.


Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Sub-database (Excel) for my ACT??

You need a custom table plugin. Check with either or

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Sub-database (Excel) for my ACT??

TopLine Designer is what you want to get - it's a great AddOn for this purpose, and it's simple to "develop" solutions just like you describe.  Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
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