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Step By Step Network Sync via Internet

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Step By Step Network Sync via Internet

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If anyone can assist I would be most grateful.


I understand port forwarding requirements, etc.


I have gone through the guides for 

How to use the Act! Network Synchronization Service across the Internet and  Understanding Port Forwarding With Act!


What is not clear to me is the 'step by step' process of what you do on the 'Server', in your office, and what you need to do on your computer outside the office (which presumably is the 'remote' computer) to get it to sync via the internet using Network Sync.


Where you add the database to the Network Sync Service - should the <Computer_Name> be the name of the server (therefore the WAN IP address)?


Would there be anything after the IP address? i.e.\SERVER_NAME\DATABASE FOLDER SHARE\?


Would it be


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Re: Step By Step Network Sync via Internet

See email, left message.