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Standing order

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Standing order

Hi, does anyone know how to input a standing order?


I mean that for example a client will buy £700 worth of products every month for the rest of the year. It is a reoccuring order. Therefore it is neither "closed" and finished with, nor "open". i want this to come up on the dashboard on a month basis as profits too.


I can't see how to do this.


Thanks for any help



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Re: Standing order

There is really not a way to automate theis except to create a separate Opportunity each month.  When we train, we emphasize a different sales approach for recurring sales, since we tend to take them for granted.  It makes more sense to follow up the person in this case than try and track the deal.  However, that 's up to you.


My only work around would be to keep up a single opportunity for all your recurring business and forcast this each month.  THen in the contact level mark the status of this customer as a recurring customer so you can initiate a different follow up process.


Probably not exactly what you want to see, but doing this way would allow you to not have to manage a lot of smaller recurring opoortunities.

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Re: Standing order


I would see it as a closed sale.

If you want to include the sale in the ACT! opportuniites area and hence in the dashboard or in reports then that is where it needs to be. There are add-on products that will import opportunities into ACT!. Alternatively a custom add-on to create recurring opportuniites. It will come down to the volume of opportunities that you want to create that is the decider on spending money for a custom process.

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Re: Standing order

One option would be to create individual opportunities for the future orders and set the estimated close date to the appropriate date for each order. Because open opportunities key off the estimated close date, that should give you the tracking you need.
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