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Spontaneous Activities and Appointments

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Spontaneous Activities and Appointments

I had so much success with the groups' responses I received the first time I wrote in to this forum, I'm trying again regarding something much more obscure.
There are 8 of us in the office using ACT Premium for Workgroups 2007 (9.0).
One person in the office has been having "rogue" activities and appointments come onto his calendar.
For example, it might be a "to do" task show up with only a phone number - but there will be 10 of the same item, and no one knows what the phone number is - what I mean is, it's not like this was a genuine appointment that was accidently scheduled multiple times, rather, it is as if these come from nowhere. Previously there was an appointment scheduled for around 4 a.m. - and there were 40 of the same item, with no content at all, aside from the name of the person's account on which this is happening. Because it appears as if this person (who has been using ACT for years and is good with technology) has scheduled these activities/meetings for himself, there's no way to trace the problem that I can tell. Also, they typically have an alarm connected to them, so we have to delete them all, or the alarms are constantly popping up.
Side question - is there a way to delete multiple activities at the same time from the calendar? Typically we clear activities and appointments, or erase an appointment occasionally, but in this case, it would be great if I could delete en masse.
Has anyone experienced this before?  Any insight would be much appreciated.
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Re: Spontaneous Activities and Appointments

Do you have ACT! syncing with Outlook or a PDA?
Is that user the record manager for the activities?
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Re: Spontaneous Activities and Appointments

Did you manage to solve this at all?


I have a similar issue.  A user appears to have 750!! odd calendar entries all for the same date and time, various different appointments.


It looks like they have been brought acrross from an outlook sync that has gone "wonky" somehow...


Problem is it crashes his laptop when he opens up his calendar in ACT!


It also causes me problems when I go in and look at his calendar as the administrator (although after some time settles down)...


Any ideas why this might have happened?



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Re: Spontaneous Activities and Appointments

Imorbey, have you tried all the fixes in ACTDIAG?

If you can see his items in the Task List, you can highlight them all and do a mass-delete ... BACKUP FIRST