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Smart task question

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Smart task question

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I recently created a Smart Task which sends an email to the sales team when an opportunity gets to be 2 weeks old. The automation works great, and the email gets sent and received as expected. My problem is with the content of the email. When we ran this the first time, 78 emails were sent... and they were all identical. The body of the email just contains the generic text I entered when setting up the email template. 78 identical emails is useless... I need the body of the email to include which opportunity we are talking about. Does anyone know how I can get a list of macros? It seems like that would be the only way to create an email referencing a specific opportunity. I'm running ACT 2013 Premium.

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Re: Smart task question



  The basic email templates that you send out through an Act! Smart Task do not allow you to use any sort of mail merge field.  If you sent the email through a Swiftpage E-Marketing blast, then you could use basic mail merge fields from the contact itself.  It's currently just a limitation of the Smart Task portion of the software.

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