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Smart task alerts

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Smart task alerts

Hello All


New to ACT after using saleforce for many years and struggling with Smart tasks.


Is there a way to set a smart task to alert me via email when an opportunity progresses through the sales process?


I need the alert to give me headline details of the opportunity that is changing i.e

company name 

contract value 

stage moved too


thank you in advance  



Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Smart task alerts

Good idea, but I think it is something that should be developed

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Re: Smart task alerts

[ Edited ]

Hi Jayme,

Using smart tasks, It would be possible to send yourself an email each time an opportunity changes to a certain stage, and you could include all the possible stages in these conditions to send an email for each change. Unfortunately there is no functionality for mail merging opportunity or contact fields into these emails using this method, so you wouldn't have any notification of what opportunity changed, or which company it is associated with, just a general "An opportunity stage has changed" email.

You could potentially use the Schedule Act Activity smart task step in place of the email, where you would schedule the activity with the the opportunity's contact, and for yourself, with an alarm, and a custom activity type if you like. This would then notify you of which contact has an updated opportunity by way of the alarm popup.

The ability to add mail merge contact or opportunity record fields in the smart task email step is a good idea, and would be worth suggesting in our Ideas Board.