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Smart Tasks for Sage Premium 2013

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Smart Tasks for Sage Premium 2013

Just found out today that Smart Tasks are database-specific.  This means that I cannot create a Smart Task from my remote database for another user on either the main database or another remote database.


We use Smart Tasks to start an activity for a sales rep.  That sales rep then clears the task from their remote database and then we would want the next activity to be created for the follow-up.  The follow-up is done by the telemarketing team who work from workstations on the main database.  That person would clear that activity and the next new activity would be created for the sales person again.


In the above scenario, some would be on a remote database, whereas others would be on the main database.


It would be great to see these Smart Tasks be able to sync from one database to another so that they can be utilized fully.  As they stand now, they are useless to us.

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Re: Smart Tasks for Sage Premium 2013

Hello Rpotter,

Welcome to the ACT! Community!


You are correct, Smart Tasks will not synchronized between databases.  However, Smart Tasks that exist in the main database at the time of the remote database being created will be included in the remote.  An option is to create the desired Smart Tasks in the main database and then create new remote databases.  I understand this is certainly not the desired effect, but offer it as a possible work-around.


To help influence the direction of the product features, I ask that you post this feature in the Share Your Ideas forum.  Once posted, Community members have the opportunity to comment and vote (kudos) on the suggestion.  The forum is monitored by our product manager.

Greg Martin