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Smart Task: put a certain field in "Associate with" ?

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Smart Task: put a certain field in "Associate with" ?

I'm trying to set up a Smart Task so it alerts the Record Manager 30days after an opportunity is shipped.


As a default the Opportunity Name goes into the "Associate With", but that's the field we hardly use. Can I set it so another Opportunity field would show up?


Also in the Task List, the only thing you can click is the Contact's name, which will take you to the Contact's view. Now this person could have many opportunities, and now I have to guess which opportunity this task was scheduled for.


And is it just me, when I "Schedule With:{Record's Contact List};{Record Manager}", it makes TWO activities, although it's regarding the same thing? It's hard to check because I have to wait around for the Smart Task to automatically run to see what it's really going to do. I'm still at the testing stage if Smart Tak is worth using.