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Slow response v17 ..... what can be done to improve response times?

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Slow response v17 ..... what can be done to improve response times?

I have used ACT! since 2005 and I am currently on v17.  Over the past 3 years, ACT! has developed a very slow response when moving about the program: moving around to different fields of a contact, creating a calendar event, editing a calendar event, etc.  Delays can be as long as 15-20 seconds from move I move the cursor from one point to another, before I can start typing/click a box/etc.  I have reached my breaking point once again because it has just become too cumbersome to use.  I would like to continue using ACT!, but the frustration currently outweighs the benefits.



What are some common things to try to alleviate this? 



Here is some additional information.



  1. Single user on a PC, Windows 7 Enterprise, about 8,400 contacts
  2. Sync it to my mobile phone via Deja Office
  3. Over the years I have created custom fields: most are Yes/No check boxes but there are some Character fields.  I suspect that Character fields require more "horsepower" of ACT! than the Yes/No boxes ........... is this correct?
  4. August 2015 - my then current version was ACT! Pro 2013.  I reached yet another breaking point when the system was just too darn slow and cumbersome to use
  5. Called support and went through database maintenance, re-indexing, etc. that did not alleviate the performance issues.  At the time, my backups were about 59 MB and tech support assured me that the size was not big.  I had about 8,000 contacts at the time.
  6. I did some testing on my own.  I created a copy database and started deleting old histories, etc.  I started deleting histories, etc. at 5 years out, played with it, and then kept shrinking the remaining data until I wiped all but the last three years.  This was not a pleasant task since the data is the valuable asset.  It marginally alleviated the performance problems.  The backup reduced down to 28 MB but the lag was still there ....... only marginally better.
  7. Spoke to sales and they assured me that v17 would be faster ............ I bought it, converted the database that I had deleted everything older than 3 years old and moved on.  Performance was only slightly different than before buying v17.
  8. Performance in the past 4 months has been terrible and the lagging/delays makes it extremely unpleasant to use.  I have not added any new custom fields since using v17.
  9. I built a new PC for personal use last month: 4-core i5; Windows 10, 64-bit and 16 GB RAM.  Much more horsepower than the PC I am using for ACT! v17.  I installed my old ACT! Pro 2013 on this machine and restored my old 60 MB database and it still had lots of delay/lag too on the new hardware.  Thus, I came to the conclusion that hardware alone must not be the answer.


Here are some things that I am willing to try and would appreciate feedback - I am looking for a good bang-for-the-buck return on performance while balancing how much data I keep:


  1. Delete all Character customer fields ........... do these fields consume high resources?
  2. I could consolidate some Yes/No custom fields, but if the Yes/No fields are not much overhead, then I might as well keep them as-is
  3. Would SQL 2014 Standard provide more performance than SQL 2014 Express [that is included with ACT!]?  Express limits the RAM to 1 GB whereas Standard does not.  It seems odd that the included database for ACT! would be the choking point, but I am open for suggestions.
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Re: Slow response v17 ..... what can be done to improve response times?

I should have also added ......... a few weeks ago, I changed my PC hard drive config from (2) spinning disks in a mirrored RAID configuration to a single SSD and it did NOTHING for the delays/lag.



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Re: Slow response v17 ..... what can be done to improve response times?

Your shouldn't have performance issues with the database you are describing on the system you have described.  I can remote in and take a look at it one day next week.  I'm pretty sure I can make it work well enough to make you happy.  Contact me offline and we'll set something up.



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Re: Slow response v17 ..... what can be done to improve response times?

I ended up replacing my PC for various reasons.  Although the issue is better, it is still present.  I will try to articulate a more detailed response over the next couple of weeks as I continue to use v18.1.103.0 Update 3

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Re: Slow response v17 ..... what can be done to improve response times?

The most common reason for poor performance is when the virus checking software tries to dynamically check the ACT files. Make sure that the ACT database files and folders are excluded from dynamically virus checking. Elsewhere it is often reported that even when the virus checker is thought to be turned off it is still found to be running under services so always worth checking turning off temporarily as a service to eliminate this area for the poor performance.