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Size of Checkbox Field Drop Downs

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Size of Checkbox Field Drop Downs

I'm trying to understand why for fields that are Yes/No Checkboxes with several options users can choose from, some of them will list 5 or 6 items in the drop down, and other fields will only show 2 items in the drop down forcing me to use a scroll bar.  


For example, I have two fields both of which contain multi-select checkbox items.  One of them has 5 items to choose from, the other has 3.  The field where it has 5 to choose from shows all 5 options when I click the down arrow in the field box to show me my options.  The other field, which only has 3 options, shows me just the first two options and the 3rd is hidden until I use the scroll bar.  This is silly since the drop down window showing the two items is so small making the scroll bar non-intuitive to use.


I'm using IE11.  I have not tested whether this is the case in Chrome.

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Re: Size of Checkbox Field Drop Downs

I suggest try with Google Chrome.


The Internet Explorer version on Windows 10 is 11.0.9841  and  Act! Pr​emium v1​8 System Requirements Says  

Supported Browsers 

  • Internet Explorer® 11.0.1
  • Chrome™ Browser


Additionally do not forget to periodically backup your database - and keep in a safe place the administrator password.


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Re: Size of Checkbox Field Drop Downs

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Hi Jag,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is a good question and I'm not sure why this is happening. I agree it could certainly be improved.
I have replicated the issue and submitted it as a defect for investigation by our Product Management team. I'll let you know what I hear back.

BTW, this also occurs in Chrome.