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Sharing Database over VPN to non Domain user

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Sharing Database over VPN to non Domain user

I have a domain controller that is hosting a PAD file with a database that is shared. I can get to the directory with all the files shared and all of the support files are there as well. When I click on the PAD file I get the login prompt and I get logged in but then I get an access denied on the support files even though the entire directory is shared and I can clearly read the PAD file. I called ACT support this is a trial of the newest version but they wont help me. I need to verify this works before we commit to purchase.


Thanks for any and all help and suggestions.


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Re: Sharing Database over VPN to non Domain user



sharing a Database via VPN is something that should be avoided. due to the fact that most VPNs show a delay of 40ms and sometimes much higher, this is something that you should avoid to avoid extreme Delays, or data coruption.


when sharing a Database via VPN you have 2 recomended ways how to fullfill this


1. Create a remote Database and sync,

2. install the act for Web part, and let the user access the data with (ie, firefox or chrome)


depending on your IT skills and the time you want to spend learning how to configure this, i strongly recomend to consider to consult an ACC, both setups can be done in a quite short time.





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