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Setting up ACT Premium?

New Member
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Setting up ACT Premium?

Can you setup ACT Premium without setting up a server and share the database?
We have 15 users and we just use Microsoft Windows Network to move files. If we buy 15 licenses, can you come to our office and setup a server for us?

Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Setting up ACT Premium?

Yes, if you buy 15 license, you can setup and share the database so all can use it over a network (LAN - Local Area Network).  One machine *will* need to be the server, however, and that's the machine that will share the database, and other users will connect directly to that machine, and open up ACT!.


I will say this, however, plan on a dedicated machine for the server.  With the prices of a server "sized" machine under $500, just do it, don't try to share someones workstation.


Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
ACT! Certified Consultant