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Sequencing of Postings

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Sequencing of Postings

Is is not time to place the postings into Version Specific  Repositories so when looking up problems with i.e.....  ACT! 2013 it is restricted to the problem and not all ACT! Versions.  

We need to separate out the version problems because many of the issues relate to specific versions and "Shouldhave been addressed in the Hot Patches or in the new version release.

If the problem is associated with several versions  then by all means link to a common solution or otherwise deal with it as unique to the Version and have link to the ongoing issue. 


We do not need to clutter up the KB with links and content that are unique and attributable  to specific versions


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Re: Sequencing of Postings

I think, better, and maybe easier, than that would be a forced field (saved to preferences) with the version and build.

Maybe also add ones for operating system, Office version, etc.

Then a search could either specify the version ... or not :-)

Also easier for supporting as some many have to start with asking for that info.
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Re: Sequencing of Postings


I'd like to verify what you are referring to - you mention 'postings' and 'KB'.   Postings generally refers to the Community, while KB is generally thought of as the Sage ACT! Knowledgebase articles.


Are you recommending the Community be divided into multiple forums, such as: Sage ACT! 2013, Sage ACT! 2012, Sage ACT! 2011, etc...?


Within the Knowledgebase, articles are given version specific designations where applicable.  The applicable versions are listed at the bottom of the articles.  In newer articles, if version specific, it is listed near the top of the article content as well as at the bottom.

Greg Martin