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Seperate Contact or Secondary Contact

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Seperate Contact or Secondary Contact

I'm getting confused.

Should I have a contact for each person in the company?


have a Contact and then add other people in the company as SECONDARY?


I'm so confused. Mostly because, if the contact has it's OWN contact it can be added as a member of hte company. However, if the contact is listed within a contact in the secondary contact tab, they do not appear in the company list when I click on the company.


I hope that makes sense and someone can help clear things up for me


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Re: Seperate Contact or Secondary Contact

Secondary contacts are individuals, such as the primary contact's assistant or backup person. Basically someone who you really don't need direct contact with and just need a quick reference.  Anyone who is going to have an impact (buy, sell, etc...) between you and the company should be a real contact. 


In the ACT! database, secondary contact information is not considered the same type of information as a contact record. This means that you cannot select a secondary contact to send a letter or an e-mail message. Secondary contacts cannot be members of groups or companies like contacts can.