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Sending Attachments to Outlook Client

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Sending Attachments to Outlook Client

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I combed this forum and can not find any reference to my particular problem. I am using Act 2007 I am using ACT email client configured to use Outlook settings.


Here is the problem....

When I send an email from the ACT email client to a user that is using Outlook 2003 they do not see the attachment.


After extensive research and testing I discovered the attachment is in fact there but they just do not see it. If I tell them to click on the File menu and select save attachement they are then able to see and access the attachement. I've narrowed this problem down to the Act email client because if I bypass the Act email client and send directly from Outlook they see the attachment without any issue.


Please help!!!!


Ok! i just discovered i have 1 computer running  Act 2007 hotfix 1 and this machine does not have this issue. I searched the site for this hot fix so that I could update the other machines but I can not find it. I did however read that the latest is hotfix3 and I can not find that either. Can someone point me to this hotfix?

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Re: Sending Attachments to Outlook Client