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Semi-New User Needs Setup Help

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Semi-New User Needs Setup Help

I say I'm a semi-new user because I have seen Act used and set up some synchronization before but not like the current situation I am in and I need help.  My issue is that currently the "server" that ACT is running on is a Dual-Core Xeon workstation with 2 GB of ram (room to upgrade to 2-processor, and RAM to 4GB because of the 32-bit OS limitation).  So that is the "server" and there are currently 6 machines (laptop/desktop mix) that are connecting with another 2-5 being added in the next 6 months.


The problem I am having is setting up a remote database on the local machine.  The issue that has arisen is that this "server" is also a desktop (being demanded to also run Adobe CS - Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc).  And to top things off, when the database was created it was created on the local C:.  Now the issue with this is that I am not an administrator on the network ( I think this may need to change based on responses I get here).  But since the database was created within the My Documents folder of the previous user, technically it's not even a LAN connection to sync the database.  Yet, because I am not an administrator I cannot open the database in someone else's My Document's folder due to access limitations.


I am curious if anyone knows the best way to sync up the computer I have to the database.  Or to at least point me in the direction of how to properly move the server from a restricted user location to a shared folder without the limitations.  I know eventually a server needs to be made because the database will quickly outgrow a desktop configuration due to other applications it is being asked to run, but for the time being, what would be the safest way to connect another user on the computer to a local database?


Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Semi-New User Needs Setup Help

What I believe you need to do is to detach the database using ACTdiag (Start, Run and type in actdiag) from the SQL instance and then move it to a location outside the documents and settings structure like c:\actdata. you then share this folder using windows sharing and give access to all users. If you are on a network you will generally need to have this done by the administrator so you can leverage the accounts from the domain rather than having to add to the local machine a whole bunch of user accounts.


Trust this helps

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