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Searching ACT! from list of emails?

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Searching ACT! from list of emails?

I have a list of failed email addresses from a mailer we sent from ACT! (using Swiftpage). I get a report (spreadsheet) of all the failed addresses which is useful as I obviously want to correct them.


The report just has the email address and the reason it failed.


Is there any way I can use the list of email addresses and search ACT! for all the contacts that they relate to in one search rather that having to find each of them manually and updated the record and then searching for the next one?




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Re: Searching ACT! from list of emails?

This would work if you did not edit a contact previously "Today".


Import the list of email addresses matching on email address


Create an advanced query:




This should give you the results you want if you have NOT edited contacts or imported data on the same day.

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Re: Searching ACT! from list of emails?

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Here are a couple of options?


it it's not very many undelivered folks, just lookup your contact on email address field, one at a time.



From CONTACT Record, Using the Last Results TAB  and the field called Last Emailed.

I'm not 100% certain, but if you send out 100 emails today 06/14/2014, then that field will get updated to have todays date.

So if say; 10 of those 100 emails bounced back as undeliverable, just goto that Last Emailed field and lookup todays date.

You should have a list of the 100 contacts?

List them by email address sequence by clicking on the field in your Custom Column view bar(you may need to add that field to your custom column view). That would make it easier to identify desired records?


Instead of using the existing Last Emailed field,

Create a new Field and call it something like: CustomLastEmailedDate2

So then, do your Lookup of the contacts you wish to email,

 THEN from act! toolbar, select;

Edit / Replace Field

replace contents of  (your new field name)  with value of and a Date Drop Down will allow you to select todays(or desired) date.

That date will get placed in every record in your lookup.

Then perform a lookup on that new field using desired date and BAM.. 

Sort your list by email address and easiily match up your undeliverable items.



Create a field called RejectedEmails

 and use the Import Process to match up those items by email address-  Brilliant

Then perform your lookup on that field.

 Hope this helps.

AND ( Prior to importing )

Setup a Group called RejectedEmails ( click save )

 Then in Groups - click the contacts TAB

   Then Click Add/Remove contacts

     Then Click Edit Criteria

Contact field name(select RejectedEmails field)  That Contains Data, or one of the other available options

Click add AND OK

 After you import them into the RejectedEmails field, Those Contact Records will automatically appear in that Group.


A couple of other custom fields that can also do a lot for you

LastContactDate/Time and NextContactDate/Time ..


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Re: Searching ACT! from list of emails?

Hi Fillstaff


Thanks for your help. I managed to import/find. the email addresses