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Scrolling in the Contact List View using Act! for Web Premium 09

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Scrolling in the Contact List View using Act! for Web Premium 09

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We are upgrading an old 6.0 database with over 4700 contacts.  We intend to use the Web Version only for the limited day to day tasks they use ACT for, and use the installed version for managing the database. 


The biggest usability issue we've encountered so far is that the Contact List view in the website only shows a small segment of the contacts, and attempting to  scroll down to other contacts causes the entire page to sieze up and display two rotating arrows in the middle of the page.  After 8-15 seconds, I can scroll down yet again and the process the repeats.  


It appears to be some kind of issue with the engine used to display the page.


Is there a way to force the webpage to load the entire contact list, rather than cause all these delays by showing only a segment at a time?  It takes an average of 3 minutes just to get out of the A's.


Thanks so much for any help you can provide! 


Edit: I should add that we are using fully patched versions of ACT! and IE6 and 7.


And as a second Edit: I can definately just create a custom lookup for the information I want, however the custom field I'm searching by "Bid Date" appears empty on the web Contact List.  The lookup results are correct and are sorted correctly (as if the bid date information is there)...but its of absolutely no value since I can't see the information without opening every contact individually.  

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