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Saving a Sync to a disk

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Saving a Sync to a disk

I am very new to ACT and am trying to learn on the fly.  Our database is segmented by Region.  One of my reps is having trouble Syncing and I need to download his updated Region to a CD and send it to him.  I understand that I cannot save directly to a CD, but have so far been unable to figure out how to to even approach the process.  We use ACT Premium for Workgroups 2007 EX edition.


Thank you in advance for helping me.


Penny Hewitt

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Re: Saving a Sync to a disk

You can't just send updated via a disk.


What problem is the user having?

What method of sync (Application, Network, Internet)?

What build of ACT! 2007 (from Help | about) on both server and remote?

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Re: Saving a Sync to a disk

Providing answers to the previous questions posted will be helpful.  Keep in mind that you should have one sync set per user per database.


In any case, this sounds like you want to recreate a regional Remote Database for your user based on your description, though the wording is a little different.   If so, you can always recreate a User's RDB file, burn that to a CD, send it to the user, and have them install it on their local system.  You'd have to walk the user through the steps of removing their existing database and moving their files with MyDocs, though, and this is ALWAYS a pain.


Note: Recreating a RDB for a user nullifies their existing syncing ability on their local machine.  In other words, once a user's RDB has been recreated, they will not be able to sync their existing database ever again.  The new RDB must be unpacked/synced on their local machine.