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Save as Standard database format question

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Save as Standard database format question

We have 2010 Premium Solutions & want to create a database in 2010 Standard format to give to an associated company which has just purchased Act Standard addition.  The knowledgebase article tell you how to save database but then tells you how to uninstall Premium & install Standard to access this database.  I don't want to do this.  How do I then transfer the database to the other company?  Thanks

Nickel Contributor
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Re: Save as Standard database format question

Hi Tony


First run ACTDIAG and in the list of databases,select the new 2010 Standard database and Detach the database. 


Then go to the folder where you have stored the database. You will see three files and one folder with the name you gave when creating the database. 


Copy all of these - accept the "databasename.pad" file to you associated company. 


They then open the database in ACT using File -> Open Database. When the dialogue box opens select the "file type" drop down and select .ADF as file type. Then open the "databasename" database. This will recreate the .pad file for subsequent openings on their system. 



Trevor Lever

UK - ACT Certified Consultant