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Save As Empty Copy database import from DB lost Relationships links

Nickel Contributor
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Re: Save As Empty Copy database import from DB lost Relationships links

After doing a Save-As Empty copy of my DB with ACT! 2013 Prem. ver. My company links to contact are retained but Not Relationships I defined for the contacts.  I assume not possible to recover since there is no check box from the File Export Source DB into Target like there is for Contacts, Company, Groups, Opportunity.  I would have thought it could have been restored during the Contact export.


I performed the steps to create Empty copy of DB that you follow to get the Source DB Admin User created and export the User records then delete the Temp User before exporting from Source DB into new Target DB the Company records. 

I opened to check New DB that the Companies are OK then went back to Source DB to continue exporting.

Next exported the Group records, then Contacts, then Opportunities.

I then opened Target DB to see the Contacts retained the company link Blue font color with underline, but in Tab Relationships my contacts related contacts are not there.


I hope Sw!ftpage Corp can come up with a fix that I reported to Sage long ago to a new feature added in 2011. 


There are those that have to perform every couple years Save As Empty copy of DB because of corruption, after several large CSV imports of new contacts and merge updated fields content, making changes in Act! like swaping fields data around, and or replacing serveral 1000's contacts field(s) with new value the DB size is 200MB to large and Actdiag can't shrink it.


I had confirmed in 2011 Beta ActDiag reindex was working shrinking DB, but todays case my Source DB with 69,000 contacts is 561MB and new Target DB is 534MB. After doing a massive MergAdmin import to add new records (about 6,000 new ones) and updating abut 40 fields for 75,000 contacts DB grew to 783MB and Diag could not shrink it rather it grew after reindex.