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Salutation, Prefix, and Outlook Searching

Tuned Listener
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Salutation, Prefix, and Outlook Searching


Apologies up front for the complicated waffle that follows...Smiley Happy


If I input a contact record as: "Mr. John Smith" I can get my letters and envelopes to print correctly based on my salutation preferences (e.g. Dear John or Dear Mr. Smith).  All is well. 


However I find that when I go to search for the contact in Outlook using the Act! address book I am forced to enter Mr. John Smith to return the contact.  I can't just enter John Smith (or any other part of the name).  Even the Advanced search option fails to retrieve any records.  Now I could work with this if every contact had a prefix but they don't.  Is this working as intended or is there some way around this search issue?


I did try using a custom field to hold the prefix but then I run into problems with my envelope template (.env files).  I seem unable to reference the custom prefix field using VB Script (e.g. custom_name.text = Prefix & " " & FirstName2 & " " & LastName2).  I'm assuming that this is because while I called my custom field 'prefix' it's not actually called this in the database.  Running an Actdiag database "Fields List to CSV file" report yields what I assume is the database field name but this doesn't work either.  So I'm at a dead end.  Any help appreciated!