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Sales_calculating a closing percentage

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Sales_calculating a closing percentage

I sue ACT 2008 (10.0) Premium


How do I calculate my closing percentage?


For example, if I got 100 fresh leads this past month and I closed 40 of them, my closing percentage is 40%.

That of course is a simple example but how do I do it over a long period of time and with a number of users?


Simply put, if I am a sale team leader I want to measure what my sales people are doing and this is certainly one way.



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Re: Sales_calculating a closing percentage

Somewhat strangely for a sales database ACT! is not very good at reporting on sales opportunity conversion rates. It's easy to see how many orders we closed last month, but not so easy to find out what percentage of the new opportunities we logged last month have been converted.


Personally, I would ultimately use Excel to produce this information.


First, I would find all the opportunities that were created in the month of interest. In V11 you can look up a month number, in version 10 it might be easier to work in Opportunity List View (add the Create Date and Status, and Record Manager fields to the list if they are not already there). You can then sort the list by create date by clicking on the header. You can then highlight opportunities within the desired date range and Lookup Selected (Not - Create a Lookup). You now have a list of all the opportunities created last month (for example). You can also see how many have been closed.


At this point I would export the list to Excel and depending on the quantity of opportunities involved perhaps sort on Status then run Data Subtotals doing a Count on Status to give me the numbers, or maybe set up a pivot table to get at the information required.



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