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Sales Guys vs. Knowlegeable Users - Need your suggestions

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Sales Guys vs. Knowlegeable Users - Need your suggestions

Two years ago we upgraded from v. 6 to ACT for workgroups. I should have checked here first. I feel as if the sales guy just wanted to make a sale when he told me "no problem, the speed will be great". We have 10 users inside and 7 outside sales guys accessing via Terminal Server. It works. There have been little or no problems with the program. But, speed for remote laptop users is painfully slow. To the point they are bugging me to switch to Outlook Business Contact Manager. I have explained to them that will open another can of worms and not give them the information they want. Personally I think ACT is a better investment considering what we have already spent.


Remote users want to have a local copy of their records to use for speed and when Internet access is not available. The sync proces doesn't have to be automatic but does have to be simple for a typical end-user to initiate. Office users can share the same database and don't need a local copy.


Our server is running 2003 R-2 and Terminal Services. Dedicated to TS only. 4 gig of RAM.


So, is this THE version I want? If I am not clear, please let me know and I'll reply best I can.




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Re: Sales Guys vs. Knowlegeable Users - Need your suggestions

Synching 7 remote users should not be a problem.


But I also think 7 users on Terminal Services should run fine. Are all 7 on at the same time? What kind of Internet connection is the server on?


If you are on ACT EX version then the SQL server is limited to 1 GB of RAM and the 4 GB may not be helping as much as you think.


There's a bottleneck somewhere, just a question of finding it.


Geoff Boulden


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Re: Sales Guys vs. Knowlegeable Users - Need your suggestions


Thanks for your reply.

The version is ACT! by Sage Premium for Workgroups 2007 (9.0) (EX Edition)

Usually there are no more than 2 or 3 remote users logged in at the same time. Maybe another 2 or 3 local users in as well. The ACT SQL service is running but, other than the install, I have not done any tweaks. Are there any that could or should be done?

The internet connection is a business Comcast w/ static IP and all other applications (i.e.,, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.) run well via Terminal Services.

One user in ACT and it's fine. More than one and it can take seconds to move from one field to another when creating a new record. Adding to the frustration is that some of the remote users have aircards opposed to real Internet connections. Obviously the performance will be slower with that type of connction.