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[Sage Act Premium 2013] Slow outlook startup

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[Sage Act Premium 2013] Slow outlook startup



Seeing as the Act Internet E-mail client is not really being supported anymore we decided to give Outlook a go and started testing it on a few PC's.


One of the first things we noticed was when we enabled the Act plugin in outlook, starting up outlook slowed down to a crawl.

With the plugin in took roughly 62 seconds from clicking the outlook icon and the splash screen appearing, to arriving at the main screen.


Without the plugin the same action takes roughly 4 seconds.


Once outlook is open it works smoothly like expected, mailing from act, mail merges, attaching to contacts, all of that works perfectly. But if we try to click on a e-mail address in Act before outlook is open, Act will try to open Outlook in the background. I've tried waiting for that to finish but after 6 minutes I gave up. I had to end the outlook process seeing as Act was waiting for it and would not respond to anything in the meantime.


After having killed the outlook process that way Outlook had automatically disabled the Act plugin and added it to the "Disabled Items" part where it explains that it has disabled the plugin "act outlook addin (mscoree.dll)" because it caused outlook to function incorrectly.


While it's disabled there, outlook starts up fast again, until we re-enable the plugin.


Some specs of the computer:


Intel I7 2600


Windows 7 X64 Pro Dutch

Office 2010 32 bit Home & Business Dutch



Do note: We pretty much have the same problem with the Word and Excel plugin as well. Enabling them causes Word and Excel to take up to 2 minutes on the splash screen before it's completely started. Seeing as we never really needed that functionality we pretty much disabled the plugins after installing/updating Act each time. But we'll be needing the Outlook one so I'd love to see it fixed...


Also, before anyone asks:


Yes, I did try removing my preferences file and thus rebuilding a new one.

And Yes, I did try pointing the Act address book in Outlook to the 2013 Test database.


Neither of those fixed the problem.