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Sage ACT! 2012 Premium - Unable to create calendar events

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Sage ACT! 2012 Premium - Unable to create calendar events

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I was able to install the product and get up and running ok. I usually use Outlook for my calendar and then sync it with Google (with the Google toolbar application). This has worked well for me.

When I set up the synchronization the Contacts synced well with Outlook and then Google (I did each separately.) I then tried to individually sync the Outlook calendar with ACT! but got the message "Synchronization failed". I then shut off the Outlook sync and tried the calendar sync with Google. I got the same message. I checked my calendar in ACT! and strangely enough, I got the old finished appointments from the beginning of the year through July, but after that, nothing.


I then shut off all sycronization, both Outlook and Google. I then tried to create a simple appointment on the ACT! calendar to test it. This is what I got:



This "DayType is 'Typed' but no typed day exists in the recur spec." is the error I got when I hit "OK" to save the appointment. I also got this error while creating the appointment when I checked the availability tab. I also got this error when I tried to create a "Todo" associated with one of my contacts.


How do I fix this?


BTW it took me 2 days to install ACT! I had to completely remove the SQL database and program associated with the Outlook Business Contact Manager. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that by doing so, I broke Outlook and lost all my contact data for the last two years. I reassembled it and imported it into ACT! but If I could send you a bill for the time I wasted... Anyway, it works now but this calendar issue is a pain.

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Re: Sage ACT! 2012 Premium - Unable to create calendar events

Hello Larryrudd,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


My first thought is that the synchronization has introduce some corruption into the database.  You can test this by opening the ACT! Demo database and attempting to create an activity.


If it is successful within the Demo, and this is a brand new database in ACT! - you may want to consider creating a new database (File > New Database), attempt to create an activity > if successful, set up the synchronization.


If creating a new database is not a viable option, try the following within ACT!:

- Tools > Database Maintenance > Check and Repair

- Help > open About ACT!

Close ACT! > reopen and test.


If creating an activity in the demo results in the same error message, that will be an indication that the installation is corrupted.  Looking in the Windows Event Viewer may give errors that better determine the cause.



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Re: Sage ACT! 2012 Premium - Unable to create calendar events


Excellent! Your suggestions worked.

I tried to create a calendar event in the sample database and it worked. I then went back to mine and tired a repair. I got the same error message on the attempt to create a calendar event.


No problem. With the install of ACT! 2012 I took the opportunity to clean my entire database. I basically started from scratch anyway. I had almost no file attachments and very few emails because I've only been using it a short while.


I exported to comma delimited files:





I then created a new database and reproduced the added fields and drop downs that I created in the previous database (made a clean empty copy.)


Imported the comma delimited text files for Contacts, Companies and Groups. I then tried to create a calendar event and it worked!


Now it's just a little bit of cleanup and I'm golden.



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Re: Sage ACT! 2012 Premium - Unable to create calendar events



I tried the integration. First, I made sure both of them (Google and Outlook) were turned off. I tried to sync the Google calendar with ACT! first (only the calendar and not the contacts) and got a Calendar Sycronization Failed message. I then turned that off and tried the sync on the Outlook calendar and got the same failure message.


I should have tried to create a calendar event at that point but I didn't.


I went on to configure ACT! Connect that I also have and sycronize that with the new database. No problems were evident with that. I'm pretty sure the problem is with the Google/Outlook integration attempt at a syncronization.


Anyway, after all of that, I tried to create a calendar event and got the same error as indicated above.


It appears to be a bug in the program associated with the Google and/or Outlook syncronization. The attempt to syncronize corrupts the database. A corruption so bad that the repair tools have no effect on it.


BTW I've already installed the update.


I want to avoid having to do a whole reinstallation if I can. That previous exercise took an entire work day. I'll try to create a new database and make sure the integration with Google and Outlook remain turned off. It's unfortunate that this error takes place. It really degrades the value of this program. It really should be less of a problem to install and operate. I feel like I'm doing free product testing/trouble shooting on a buggy Beta level software for Sage. Requiring payment out the gate for any support just compounds the problem.


I'm really dissapointed with this purchase so far.


Note to Sage...

#1 rule of customer service - One dissatisfied customer will make a point of telling at least 10 people.


For every hour I waste trying to get this software to work as advertised, without a resolution, that number goes up exponentially!

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Re: Sage ACT! 2012 Premium - Unable to create calendar events


At issue is the sequence of events. If you do not connect Outlook email (or probably gmail as well) to ACT! and then try to do a calendar sycronization you will corrupt the database in a way that cannot be repaired.


This should be in the installation instructions! It would save a lot of headaches!