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Sage ACT!2010 Reports

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Sage ACT!2010 Reports




I find that all the Sage ACT!2010 reports are very rigid and inflexible plus occupied a lot of space.


For example:


Opportunity by Record Manager, beside allow to select  opportunity, date range and users, it should allow also select by

Opportunity Name, Process & Stage..


Same to other report...


Hopefully next relaese will see come improvement of the reports.


It's not good enough jst for the features, REPORTING is one of the criteria for the prospect to chose the right products.




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Re: Sage ACT!2010 Reports

There is a trade-off between ease of use and power in ACT reporting. The underlying database has over 100 tables and perhaps 2000 or 3000 fields. ACT has developed the report writer so that the most commonly needed reports and reporting objects are exposed. You have three or more options:


1. Hire an ACT Certified consultant. some of them arevery good at using the report writer. There are some hidden features there that they can use to get ehat you.


2. You a third party add-on report tool such as Stonefield Query


3. Use SQL Reporting Services. ACT! database is SQL based and Microsoft provides free tools to report on SQL based data. The BIDS (Business Intelligent Development System) is free from MS but it is an extension of their Visual Studio and is really a powerful programmer's tool. If you know it, you can do anything.

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Re: Sage ACT!2010 Reports

Hi Dear,


How do I use the SQL report writer you recommended. Is there a course on that ?