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SQL Express / SQL Workgroup performance

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SQL Express / SQL Workgroup performance

Hi --- We are in the midst of evaluating Act 2010 Corporate with the bundled SQL Express 2005. It is installed on an Intel SR2400 server with dual Xeon 3.2 and 4GB RAM running Windows Server 2003. No other software running on the machine. We have a trial database including 1,000 companies and 5,000 contacts. Both the network client performance (gigabit ethernet) and web client performance are "adequate" --- not terrible but not "snappy". Does anyone have experience upgrading from SQL Express to SQL Workgroup and, if so, what sort of performance increae did you see (roughly).

Thanks in advance !

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Re: SQL Express / SQL Workgroup performance

How many users are hitting the box? How many Web users?


Is all of the RAM being used? If so, by something else?


SQL Express is limited to 1 GByte RAM and 1 cpu so you aren't overeating server resources. IIS is a bit of a resource hog.


I have instllations where there are 100 web users. Resource and memory management can be real tricky. If you are at 5 or 10 users, then you should have no problems at all.


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