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SMS Solutions

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SMS Solutions

I'm using ACT! v21 Premium for web. I've been looking at the add on options and see there are two. One is SMS4ACT! and the other is Mobile Messenger.  Both appear to be subscriptions.  A company called Media Messenger is also part of this.  I'm confused on how this works.  It seems I need to have an account with Media messenger to use SMS4Act.  For the other, I don't know.  


I'm a solo user and would only send SMS messages to individuals in my DB. Occasionally I might send the same message to a few people at once. I do not plan to do mass messaging or bulk marketing. My volume estimate might be 200 messages/mo. I like the ability to keep a history record of the SMS messages I send to my contacts which is why I'm interested in the add on.




-For those familiar with the two services, is there one you would recommend?

-Are there other options? .


Many thanks, 



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Re: SMS Solutions

Good morning spsearch.


Texting from my laptop has always been a need for me.  A long time ago I added another eMail field to accompany the cell phone field.


I also looked up online the format for sending a text from a computer.


Finally, because people change cell carriers so frequently, I found a carrier lookup site that has proved to be very reliable.


For the popular carriers, the SMS Text formats are:






Example of a cell phone with ATT:  2135551515 would be


For a site to validate which carrier the contact uses, I have had good success with  You get 1 free lookup a day and a penny per lookup after that.  So, for $10, I get a 1,000 looups.


One final suggestion.  Checkout  I really like that as well.  Free and paid.  I've never needed the features of the paid version.  One limitation, though, you can only text 1 person at a time - or I haven't taken the time to figure out how to send to more than one.


Hope this helps.


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