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SDK / API with Linux/PHP

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SDK / API with Linux/PHP

Unable to get confirmation, but has anyone found a way (or a tool) to allow a web site running on a Linux server and built with PHP/MySQL database to have communication (2 way preferably) with an ACT database through the SAGE ACT SDK/API which clearly only supports Windows and .Net right now?



Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: SDK / API with Linux/PHP

If you wanted two way, you'd have to run something on the ACT! machine (e.g. a SOAP process) to communicate with the PHP code and ACT! - like an intermediary program. Your PHP code would communicate with SOAP msgs rather than direct. One way communication could be accomplished via a SQL connection, just pulling from SQL Server, however...
Richard Brust
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Re: SDK / API with Linux/PHP

This is definetly possible, we've tried it out already and it works


if you try this link


this PHP page (running on top of a liunx platform) loads the Contacts List from an ACT2010 Demo database from a remote Windows server and displays it as XML, if you want to learn more about this then drop us a line =)


The Technology this is based on does work two ways =)


Firas Hermez
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Re: SDK / API with Linux/PHP

Hi Firas,


Did you create a fully working application with this technique?
I would love to see some more.


Inge van Gemert
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Re: SDK / API with Linux/PHP

We had the ACT Web tab talk to a Linux server.  If you only wanted read only access you good do PHP to the ACTREADER just fine.  update is a little more interesting but not impossible.  Sorry to be so vague.  Don, my hubbie, is my programmer and he's the one who can tell you specifics.


He says, in theory, you could write an ACT interface in PHP, that runs in the PHP system and talks to the ACT SDK.

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Re: SDK / API with Linux/PHP

Hi Frias


This link doesn't seem to work anymore