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Run two versions of ACT!

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Run two versions of ACT!



We have 40 users that are currently running ACT V.12 on a shared DB. We would like to upgrade to V.17 but I don't want to import our old DB into it but would still like to have access to it. Is there a way for us to run both version of ACT on the same computer to be able to access both databases simultaneously? 

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Re: Run two versions of ACT!

It is possible to run a database server running two different versions of ACT, in order to open two different versions of ACT, you must have workstations with each of the versions.


As a hosting provider, we have several large database servers running several versions of aCT, but the client machine must match the version of the database itself.


For users to access both versions at the same time, the only way to do this is either remote desktop into the server while running a client version, or use ACT for web.


Honestly, although academically this solution could work it is complicated and probably would not be practically.  


Which begs the question: why don't you want to run your existing production version of aCT on the new version?  it doesnt involve importing, but just opening the database.

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