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Retrieve cleared alarms HELP!

New Member
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Country: Canada

Retrieve cleared alarms HELP!

I just Cleared over 300 valuable alarms that were meant to be snoozed.

How do I retrieve them?

Can anyone help me???

Nickel Super Contributor
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Country: USA

Re: Retrieve cleared alarms HELP!

I think you'll to go back to each activity and reset the alarm.  Or, restore a backup.


Also, it's not suggested to have 300 alarms going off.  Have you noticed how that can slow things down? 

Michael Matthews
Bridge Concepts, Inc.
Fort Worth, TX
Silver Contributor
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Country: USA

Re: Retrieve cleared alarms HELP!

It most likely goes without saying, but you didn't loose the Activities, just the in your face pop up.  Go to the task list and you will see all of the tasks for whom you have cleared the alarms.


Michael is correct, 300 alarms borders on non manageble. Gives you hte effect of a car alarm in a mall parking lot. They tend to just get snoozed over and over and never done.

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