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Restoring a remote database

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Restoring a remote database

I am using ACT! Premium 2008 (10.0), working on a remote database with the publishing database in another country.


I had sync and database errors and it told me to restore my remote database from a copy. So I got the original RDB file I was sent and did a newrebuild / restore from it. I now get the error:


"Failed to synchronize with the server. Server error description: .RDB has already been unpacked and synced at least once. Please recreate remote database or restore a backed up copy. Contact your administrator for assistance"


I have read the knowlegebase article on the problem and I believe it is saying that I need to get a new RDB from the publisher. Is there any other way I can fix this (from my end)?





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Re: Restoring a remote database

 Hi Chris - once you have a remote database syncing, you can't go back to the restore it a 2nd time. The message is asking if you have made a backup (File > Backup > Database) in the past. If you haver, you could restore this (File > Restore > Database) and try to sync with again. Of course any data you have added since the backup will be lost....


Assuming you don't want to do this and lose data, then it's best to get a new RDB file with a new name. Typically I append the month / year to the database name so it doesnt get confused with the first one. Once you have restored the new database you should be able to sync again. Then open up the old (non-syncing) database and export contacts / groups / companies etc that have been edited since the last successful sync to get that old data into the new database. 


Hope this help. Contact me if you want me to walk you through this. 



Trevor Lever

UK - ACT Certified Consultant