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Restore database copy from backup - troubleshooting

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Restore database copy from backup - troubleshooting

I use Premium for Workgroups 2007 EX v.  A few months ago I restored a backup copy of our database when a contact was accidentally deleted in order to get the contact's phone number and email address. 

Now I'm trying to open that restored database  file and it keeps opening the current database. 

I have tried to restore that backup file again and it seems to get stuck at the end of the process of restoring database files.  How long should it take to restore a database of about 5000 contacts?  Also, will the restored database have the calendar entries as well as contacts?

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Re: Restore database copy from backup - troubleshooting



File Restore, takes a database and replaces your CURRENT database with a copy from your backup.  You will loose everything from the date that backup was taken to today!!


FILE, Restore, RESTORE AS - Will allow you to create a database with a new name so you can go back and forth between you old one and you new one.


If you did the first one, go back right away and make sure your current database with all your recent changes is intact

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