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Rescheduling Multiple Tasks From Task List, Act Premium v17.1

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Rescheduling Multiple Tasks From Task List, Act Premium v17.1

It is incredibly time consuming and tedious to reschedule each activity individually.  Sometimes, this can take hours.  I've been informed that there is an offline version that allows you to reschedule multiple activities at once, and that it can sync with the cloud, however, with the impending upgrade, I've also been told that it will not be compatible with v18.  I'm also wary of having to do this because of past issues.  Being able to reschedule multiple calls, appointments, etc. is a key part of the business development process, and should be built into your product. Customers and users of your software should be able to reschedule these activities all at once.  I know there are many other customers who have pointed this out. Here's what your website says about your product:  "Affordable and easy to use, Act! is the trusted solution to help individuals, small businesses, and sales teams organize prospect and customer details in one place, send emails, market products and services more effectively, and drive sales results – in the office and on the road."  Please make it so, because it isn't very efficient right now.  Are there any plans to upgrade this feature? 

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Re: Rescheduling Multiple Tasks From Task List, Act Premium v17.1

Hi JJ,

As you mentioned, you can do this in the offline client, and when your v18 upgrade happens, you will also be able to download an offline v18 client.
The multiple-selection activity reschedule feature is not currently available in the web-based interface on v17 or v18.
It is currently possible to reschedule multiple activities that are linked in an activity series though the web -based interface. By rescheduling one activity, you are asked if you wish to reschedule the others to reflect this change.

I'll pass on your feedback about this feature to the Product Management team for consideration.