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Reports Question

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Reports Question

I am a relatively new user, my company has ACT! 2007 V9 for Workgroups.


I am a Regional Sales Manager with many Reps.  When I enter sales opportunities, We use the  "Referred By" field under the "Opportunity Info tab" to enter the specific Rep salesman, I am the Record Manager.  


I would like to generate a report for all open opportunities for each Rep individually.  There is a template for "Opportunities Referred By.rep" in the Reports folder, but it generates a report that contains ALL the Reps.  How can I create indivdual reports for each specific Rep?


Thanks in advance.





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Re: Reports Question

Because you aren't using the record manager field for the user, there isn't any way to filter a report run for the individual users. A report template could be created to group on the referred by field and start each user (referred by entry) on a new page. You would likely need to use scripting to accumulate totals.
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