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Reporting daily activity - Notes, etc.

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Reporting daily activity - Notes, etc.

I am using Act! Premium (Web) Version: 16.0.304.0


I went to Reports > Other Contact Reports > Notes-Historys.rep and chose All Contacts, my name under General Tab; then Current Month and my name under Note and the same under History.  All boxes were checked.  When I ran it for the first time this after completing my calls today, it showed the full list of notes that I had entered - over 25. 


When I attempted to run it a second time, it only showed 3 entries.


Any idea why?



Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Reporting daily activity - Notes, etc.

I would double-check and make sure the same filters were checked on the second run.  I can't think of a technical reason the report would be so different.  I have run reports and created lookups where I had the filters set wrong and it took me a while to discover my mistake.  Hope that helps.

Brenda Dixon
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Re: Reporting daily activity - Notes, etc.

Don't filter users on the General tab, only on the other tabs.

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
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