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Replace Field in Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version

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Replace Field in Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version

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Good Morning

I have the above version of Act and would be very grateful for your assistance.

i am using a local machine and Windows 7


One of the custom fields of data I have you can choose the data from a multiple choice tick box drop down list

The field can contain multiple ticks / choices

i.e. the drop down choice list may have tick boxes for items A B C D E etc


An individual contact may have recorded against them A C E and another customer B D E etc


I wish to replace the data of ONE of the contacts data in this field i.e replace all contacts that have A in this field with Z


However when I choose - Edit - Replace Field to try and do this it wipes all the multiple choices ?


i.e customer with existing data of A C E cannot be changed to Z C E , it simply wipes all data ( in this case c and E ) and just puts just Z in the field


Can anyone help me please?

Thank you so much




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Re: Replace Field in Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version

There is an Add-on called Edit Append that does exactly what you need to make changes to a Multi-Select field. However your version of Act as well as all versions of Act will be in jeopardy of being locked out because the License Security system used by Act for many years will be Shut Down on 12/31/2018. Suggest you call a local Act Certified Consultant or Act directly to upgrade. You can also find out more on
Bob Kennedy
Kenbar Solutions CT,CA & FL
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Re: Replace Field in Sage ACT! Premium 2012 Version

My Copy Fields Wizard has a function that will do what you are looking for.  It is the Advanced Field Edit function and can do edits of individual multi-select values in Contact and Company fields.  You can find more info on my web site.


Donald Egen

Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC